What a Show! Thank You Song Lovers!

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The Experience

This was our first year going to this event, we were not sure what to expect. What we experienced absolutely blew us away. The setting was intimate and allowed us to experience some of our favourite artists pushing past their own comfort zone to provide a magical blend of stories and music. We were equally entranced by some of the hit song writers we did not initially know, who had an opportunity to present their songs in their original format often with intriguing accompanying tales behind them. We were captivated by the whole event, and are planning to attend again next year. If you are wondering about what its all about, I would highly recommend you experience it to see for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Kirsten and Greg M.

Soooo great ....... I have to say I enjoyed every minute !!....oxox

Marc Jordan

Well…. that was fabulous!  I thoroughly enjoyed the show and had a great talk with each of the artists at the after party. Thank you so much! 

Rann B.

If you are not acquainted with 97 Song Sessions, it's truly a music lovers dream! Why?!? Envision your childhood music heroes, artists whom you followed, or song writers behind your favourite songs and place them on a stage only feet away and only a small audience... very BlueBird Cafe style. It's intimate, quaint and most memorable! Anyone can brag that they saw their music icon in a packed stadium but how many have the opportunity to share the experience with only an exclusive presence??

97 Song Sessions grants the opportunity to hear storytelling, candid moments and a very personalized behind the scenes look of the industry through the song writers eyes. This rare moment is like being at the artists studio... no façade, no extravagance but raw emotion and unscripted delivery. Genuinely authentic and completely connecting. There are genres and themes for any music lover and it is perfectly organized to enjoy that special experience.

Jordan B.

2022 was our second year at 97 south and I honestly didn’t think anything could surpass last years’s experience but IT DID. I’m a concert going music lover and this venue, event and the musicians telling their stories and singing their songs is awe inspiring and one of the most enjoyable, interesting, humorous and fun weekends I’ve experienced in all my many years!!! Thank you and I can’t wait for next year’s sessions!!!

Val D. - West Kelowna

What a fantastic event! As if the shows themselves weren’t enough, it was even more of a thrill to meet and talk to artists.

Mike J.

I just wanted to thank you and Robert for a fantastic 2021 97 South Song Sessions! We had such a great time and are looking at planning to come out for next years sessions!

Kent G. – MB

WE ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF BOTH NIGHTS!!!!!! Sooooooo fabulous!!!! We are first timers but will not ever miss it again!!!!!! Thanks so much!

Val D. – BC

Our group loved every minute and want to thank you for all you did to make it extra special for us as VIP’s and putting us together with such a fun group at dinner. We all had a lot of fun together and many laughs and stories were shared. And a few tears. Thanks again for putting together such an incredible event and we will be looking forward to next years.

Glenda B. – SK

I’ve always loved music, but getting to hear the stories behind some of my favorite songs was a once in a lifetime experience I will remember forever.

Alice M. - Kelowna, BC

Like a Nova Scotian kitchen party, we were intimately engaged by the musicians. They were skilled entertainers who told amazing stories, all while performing chart-topping songs. One of the best musical events I have ever attended. We’ve already got our 2021 festival passes!

Val T. - Naramata, BC

97 South Song Sessions is a magical music performance event, where you’ll hear the stories behind the songs that make up the soundtrack of your life. Award-winning songwriters and recording artists come together to share tales of the creative journey that inspired their hit songs and perform them for you, in the round, acoustically.

The result is an intimate, show that is variously touching and humorous and guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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